New Mexico Housing Growth

Generation Elevate New Mexico (GENM), is a coalition where passionate young leaders in New Mexico are at the forefront of a movement dedicated to revolutionizing housing growth in the Land of Enchantment through advocating and public hearings. With a steadfast commitment to speaking up for our community, sustainability, and resilience, we're spearheading initiatives that promise a brighter, more inclusive future for all New Mexicans as we invest in growing housing and building up our local communities.

Our Mission: Shaping New Mexico's Future

As a dynamic coalition of forward-thinking young leaders, our mission at GENM is rooted in a deep dedication to improving the future of our beloved state through New Mexico housing growth. With unwavering resolve, we stand up for New Mexico's heritage, advocating for development projects and governmental policies that not only stimulate growth in our communities, but also safeguard the intrinsic nature of our land and its people. Our vision extends beyond mere progress as it embraces a harmonious balance between advancement and preservation, ensuring that future generations inherit a New Mexico that is as rich in opportunity as it is in tradition.


Championing Affordable and Accessible Housing for New Mexico

At GENM, we understand that access to safe and affordable housing is not just a basic necessity, but a fundamental right. Recognizing the pivotal role housing plays in driving economic prosperity and fostering community well-being, we are committed to championing initiatives that prioritize the development of affordable and accessible housing options across New Mexico. Through advocacy, policy reform, and strategic partnerships, we are working tirelessly to ensure that every individual and family has the opportunity to secure a place they can proudly call home as we fight for local New Mexico housing growth.

Get Involved Today

Ready to join the movement? Visit our website to learn more about Generation Elevate New Mexico and how you can contribute to our mission. Together, let's shape the future of housing growth in New Mexico and ensure a brighter tomorrow for all.