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YIMBY New Mexico

Generation Elevate New Mexico is a coalition of young leaders committed to positively shaping the future of New Mexico by championing smart, sustainable, and resilient growth development projects and governmental policies.


Why Now?

Real estate projects and governmental policies shape the lives of our communities. Right now, there is no coordinated effort amongst the community to support economic vitality, growth, development, and investment in New Mexico. Let’s work together to find common ground for growth in this community and advocate for a brighter future.

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What is GENM?

GENM is a coalition dedicated to envisioning and enacting a bright future for New Mexicans by advocating for smart growth, investment, and development. GENM leadership and membership will (1) speak at various public hearings where policy and projects are being heard, (2) be encouraged to write letters to support said initiative, policy, or project, (3) flood social media with positivity about projects/policies that are being supported, and (4) gain a deep understanding of the community around us.

How can we create change?

When GENM comes together to advocate for the community’s future, real change can be effectuated. GENM is a coalition that is unafraid of change, unafraid of taking risks that have the promise to enhance quality of life, bring a diversified job base, create more opportunity for youth, bring additional investment to crime reduction and educational enhancement efforts, and spur opportunity in the downtown core.

How does GENM work?

GENM considers the following criteria to determine if a project or policy should be supported. Once a project passes this review, we provide members with concise project information, talking points, and engagement opportunities to advocate for the future. To learn more about how projects and policies are selected, visit the Initiatives page.
Promotes economic growth
Promotes sustainable growth

How to Support GENM

  • Join - Join GENM at no cost. Free membership allows everyone passionate about New Mexico to be involved.
  • Advocate - Be a positive voice for the advancement of our community through organized and streamlined communication with approving government bodies.
  • Elevate - Members of GENM are on the front lines of elevating New Mexico to higher places!
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Be Bold - Become A Driving Force For Change

Let’s work together to advocate for change in our community. GENM is a free membership organization comprised of people who are passionate about opening the doors to New Mexico's future. Together, our generation can bring a positive voice for sustainable, resilent growth in New Mexico!